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October 2016

I was assigned to create a logo for a sports team. Along with the primary logo, I was required to develop a secondary logo, wordmark, and applications.

I started this process by choosing a city, Portland, OR, and a professional sport, American football. Next, I had to decide what the team would be called, so I researched past and current teams of the city. I concluded that the overall theme of most of the names was the outdoors and that the main three all started with "T": Trail Blazers, Timbers, and Thorns. I continued my research with what animals are native to the area and I settled on the Rainbow Trout, which I shortened to just Trout. 


After creating the trout itself I added the name patch to the logo. My original idea was to incorporate evergreen trees into the patch, but I deemed them unnecessary and went with a more simple approach. I wanted the movement of the fish to be a point of emphasis, so I made a cut out of the tail on the patch. Finally, I added mountains in the background as a nod to the landscape of the area and to help frame the trout.

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