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Jessie Brewer-

Graphic Designer

A designer who loves sports (especially soccer), traveling, running, and coffee.

As a designer, I gather inspiration from artists of varying practices: graphic designers, painters, architects, etc. My work is clean, concise, and simple through my own style: combining abstract geometric patterns with images through overlays and color. I follow various graphic designers like Francisco Valle, whose art is heavy with geometric patterns and color. I pay attention to painters like Erik Skoldberg and Yehan Wang, both of whom are contemporary artists and focus much of their attention on line abstractions and intricate layering. I enjoy the architectural team at NS Builders, who combines geometric shapes with flooring in houses.

My goal in design is to effectively convey a message to an audience through my style of design, clean and simple. I believe it is important, as a designer, to find your own style and help make a piece your own without losing the message that is being conveyed. I have the ability to use the many tools at my disposal to create something new and unique or simple and effective. I appreciate the combinations of real world objects with computer-based design to create a one-of-a-kind design. In contrast, there is something special about being able to create a simple design while also adding in one’s own style.

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