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November 2017


I was tasked with updating the historic Marshall County Hoopfest logo to make it more modern. The original logo has been the main logo for the event's entire 22 year history, so originally, I had planned to update it to make it simpler and cleaner. However, I was asked to go in a completely different direction. I chose to keep it simple and modern, using an intersected "HF" as the centerpiece of the logo. Next, I added a court because Hoopfest takes place in the historic 5,000 seat arena at Marshall County High School, Reed Conder Gymnasium. I felt that it was important to incorporate a symbol of the historic hardwood, one of which many pros have played on, into the new logo. Finally, I kept the colors a simple orange and white, the original two colors of the high school.

The cover for the 200 page program has consistently been different, but generic. Only once has the program featured players on the cover - 2006 when 6 high profile players were showcased on the front. I wanted to bring a contemporary feel to the cover, while showcasing prominent alumni that have made it to the NBA.

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