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February 2017


The original assignment was to create a low-poly portrait (only using triangles) of someone famous. I chose my favorite soccer player, Tobin Heath. I started off by finding a high quality image to use in the project. I then created a loose mesh in Photoshop, which I next took into Illustrator where I created 3,351 individual triangles. Then I added the colors that matched with the picture before going in and adding more detail in the eyes, forehead, and hands. 

Then I was challenged the crop the image to put more focus on the face and also to add some sort of background. I chose to crop the image so that it was not centered. Next, I added a simple background, matching the red background of the original image and adding slices of different reds into it.

I wanted to create a campaign to use the image on and decided it would look interesting on promotional pieces for her club team, Portland Thorns FC. Each season Portland, being known as the Rose City, incorporates roses into their designs, so I decided continue the tradition. I created a low-poly version of a rose to incorporate onto all aspects of the applications I used.

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