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April 2017


I was assigned to create a graphic stencil of a celebrity and word in order to develop a promotional poster for an event using the image as the main element of the poster. Additionally, I used found objects as my canvas to spray paint the stencils.

I started with creating a stencil of the celebrity of my choice, professional soccer player Tobin Heath. I then chose a word that I feel would relate to her and her life, "Purpose." I was careful when deciding the font for the word, as I wanted it to match the image I would be using. 

From there, I printed the two and cut them both out with an X-Acto knife. For my canvas I cut up an old soccer ball and spray painted the image onto it. I used a paper sack for the word and the background image.

After completing the stencils I scanned them into the computer and brought them into Photoshop to create a few loose ideas to get an idea for which layout to use.

Once I decided on the layout I began to add text and manipulate the images. I added different layer styles to the word until it popped. I then moved to making the ball match the word to help with the flow. I chose to use a powder blue because it contrasted with the rest of the poster well and it is the University of North Carolina's primary color, where Heath attended college. Adding a few last touches, I added a watermark type image of Heath in the background, along with movie credits, and sponsoring logos.

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